TV Showdown!! Grimm vs. Once upon a time

Saturday, December 3, 2011 Comments
Anybody besides me noticed how Hollywood has completly lost all their creativity? First there was sequel after sequel in the movie world, and now even TV shows has their very own twim! Therefor I decided to put up an informal tv show duel!


Both these show attempts to bring our favorite fairytale characters to the small screen but in in two very different ways. 

In Grimm we meet Nick who is a homicide detective who learns that he is a descendent of a group hunters know as "Grimms" who fight to keep humans safe from the supernatural creatures of the world. It's like any police procedural put there except that the serialkillers are monster at a whole other level. Remember the fairy tales your parents used to tell you before bedtime? Well, those weren't stories, they were warnings. And the characters in them are these supernatural creatures Nick has to protect us from. Of course only Nick can see them for what they really are - monsters. And there is something fishy about Nick's boss at the police station, he is working with the monsters but is he one? And if he is, why can't Nick see it? And what are the monsters that are pictures below? What story are they from?

Once upon a time
Here we meet the little boy Henry who has tracked down his birthmom, Emma, believing she is the daughter of Prince Charming and Snowwhite and the only one who can break the curse placed on everyone from fairytale land. She goes back to Storybrook with him, where all our favortie fairytale characters live, trapped in the real world and not knowing who they really are. But there are complications, Henry's adoptive mother is the Evil Queen herself who was the ones who cursed all the fairytale characters. The show jumps between the real world current time, and fairytale land past time.

Differences apart, they are both shows about fairytales. But which one is better? Le't break it down to the shows + and -.

Positive: the crimes, the hot lead, the special effects.
Negatives: No female character.

Once upon a time.
Positive: female lead, Ginnifer Goodwin, more true to fairytales.
Negative: slow.

In conclusion, I enjoy both shows not anything negative to say about either - but Grimm wins out for me because of my general love of crime shows. Who wins the showdown for you?

Any suggestion for what can be the next TV showdown?