Hero of the month: Samira Ibrahim

Thursday, December 1, 2011 Comments

Samira Ibrahim (25) was along with 16 other woman tortured and virgintested by the military. Taste that word: virgintested... Sick! She is the only one has dared to fight on. She and the other woman were arrested on the 9th of March when the millitary cleared the Tharis plaza for protesters. In jail they were ordered to strip naked, before a female examined them to see if they still had their virginity. While the examination were ongoing, male officers were standing there laughing and videotaping the girls with their cellphones. 

" I was arrested because of a demonstration. Why on earth would they check to see if I were a virgin? Where in the laws does it say that they can do thats?" asks Samira. 

We all know of all the sexual assult cases which have taken place in connection with the protests on the Tahrir plaze. Just this Fridat famous columnist Mona el-Tahawi was beaten and sexually harassed by the Kairo Police.

" I am not fighting for myself anymore. Now the fight is about rights for all woman in Egypt" she said today outside the courtroom where the sentencing on whether or not virgintesting should be banned was postponed. Sadly, western media seems to be the only media whos paying attention. Appearantly, there were few Egyptian reporters present.  

It's shocking to say the least.. I'm utterly disgusted! The Egyptian authorities needs to get on this, and until they do.. I will no long concider Egypt a land I wish to visitt. No tourism for you!