Thuesday Ten : TV shows that never should have been cancelled

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 Comments
1. Gilmore Girls.
Not only one of the funniest, cutest shows to ever exist, but in the later season a serious source of inspiration fashion inspiration! I just (well two months ago) bought the first season, and in the pilot episode I had to laugh seeing Lorelai's mommy jeans. They came a long way! Oh, and how they cancel it before Luke and Lorelai got back to gether?

2. Veronica Mars
This is almost in a category to itself, don't you just hate it when they cancel a show before you even discovered it? That's what happened with me and VM. Now I'm left to hearing Kristen Bells snappy remarks as Gossip Girl. I'm not amused. And the same goes here as it did for Gilmore Girls, how could they end the show before Veronica got her Logan back? It's a scandal!

3. The Closer
Although we still have half a season left to enjoy and it was mrs. Bacon herself who decided that this show had run it's course, does not make it right.One of the more special crimeshows on TV, not only because of the fact that the lead is a female, but a female lead who is the head a boys squad! Pluss, who doesn't enjoy her interrogating technique? It's a lot more refined that capt. Brass'!

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
A less recent cancel, but still sorely missed. At least by me. And I can't be the only one? In this day of vampire worship, who else would gladly give up all the damsels in destress (Bella, Elena, Sookie) for one brave, independant, take-no-prisoner vampire slayer Buffy Summers? She would stake Bill, Eric, the Salvator brothers, Edward and the rest of the Cullens in a heart beat!

5. The Hills
And I'm not talking about the K-Can infested crap that was season 6, I'm talking about the good old Lauren days with the fun sidekick Heidi BS (Before Spencer). A true source of fashion tips and how to's, and an endless source of fantastic quotes such as "when in doubt and shoe it out", "boys are like purses"Gems! Am I the only Hillzie left?

6. Ally McBeal 
I loved this show so much. It was like wathcing myself on TV - minus a million pounds. Nevrotic, romantic and lost. The first seasons were the best, I watch them on DVD from time to time. And of course there was the glory that was Larry. Damn you Robert Downey jr. for getting thrown in rehab, Ally had finally found love and you had to ruin it.

7. The Woman's Morder Club
This show never even got a chance! Only 11 episodes! I loved the books, and when I heard that Angie Harmon (who I love) was cast as Lindsay Boxer it was perfect! Why weren't you people watching this? Bad ratings, such bolony. They should have given it more time. Need I remind you that even Seinfeld had crappy ratings their first season?

8. Friends
At least we got 10 seasons. Although many have tried, most successfully HIMYM, no shows about a group of friends can even compare to the original group of friends. Wouldn't you have loved to see how Chandler and Monica managed as parents? Ross and Racheal's realtionship unfold? There were more stories to be told there, I just know it!

9. Frasier
Maybe my favorite show of all time! And just like with Friends, there were more stories to be told here! I wanted to see how Niles handeled a baby for example. But I guess I should be greatful for the 11 seasons we got. I really miss Daphne and Niles. One of my favorite TV love couples! Thank God I have the DVDs!

10. Medium
Am I the only one who hated the finale? How could they kill of Joe? Maybe they deserved to get cancelled just for that... Naaahh... I watch reruns and I really miss this show. There hasn't been another show to fill the void.. Any suggestions?