Rings, rings and more rings!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Comments
Here you see some of the results of my Ebay addiction that came in the mail today and yesterday. It was so fun opening my postbox and literally having packages fall out! One of my necklaces was broken though. It was just has beautiful has I hoped, but broken. I contacted the seller, so let's hope they ship me a new one! 

But back to the rings. All of these cost me $1,50 each or less. Probably less, I like to get them for $0,99! I also like to buy from sellers who offer free shipping. What can I say? I'm a bargain whore!

Pinky: my picture really doesn't do this ring justice! It is just so deatailed and beautiful.
Ring: Another one much more beautiful in real life. The color is bright pink and really pops!
Middle: Another beauty (bet you can tell by now that I love all my new rings!!), and I love that it's different. It's looks really delicate.
Index: I have a specific place in my heart for glass rings. My bf always bully me for it. She says their ugly! But I love them. What do you think? Is there a place for glassrings or should they all go somewhere and die? This glassring is a beautiful blue color and has colored specks. 

Pinky: I love how this ring can work in so many outfits, it can be hippe slack with the ring next to it, or be in a cocktail outfit. I think this will be one of most worn ones out of the bunch for sure.
Ring: This ring is a bit off from my usual style, but the moment I found it I new I had to have it. What do you think? To hippie and bohemian? 
Middle: Cute and classic, another one on the way in the color pink.
Index: Love this ring! Looks like colorblocking has made it to the jewelry world.

Pinky: love it, love it, love it! 
Ring: a flor de lis ring. I love flor de lis, and this ring I can use in many combos. Normally I never wear more than one ring on each hand but that is about to change! 
Middle: this ring was a big suprice! I bought it because it was cheap and because I figured it would work well when wearing multiple rings. But it was so much more beautiful the I thought, a definte favorite.
Index: My aboslute favorite! Maybe not the most versitle, but I love it.

I definitly need to invest in a ringbox to display all my new treasures. What do you think? Do you like any of my new rings? Which one is your favorite?

If you like any one in particular, feel free to ask me about the seller and itemname! I'll be happy to look it up for you.