Nelly Shoes

Thursday, November 17, 2011 Comments
All the shoes I ordered came on Thuesday.. And I got to be honest... I'm a bit dissapointed! This has never happened before! Now I'm left wondering if it's nelly (first time I shop there) or just a fluke. Anyway here's the lot.

First theres the leopard wedges! These are pretty and fuzzy! They are super tall and offer little support around the ancles which made them a bit wabbely to walk on... I think I'll keep them though and hope that it is a practice question!

The second pair is actually not from the nelly label, but from lundberg. I thought these would be the shoes that run the risk of dissapointing me since normally I'm strongly opposed to shoes with a different color heel! But, these shoes are the best of the bunch. Super tall, yet comfertable to walk in. I think these will be used a lot.

Next pair I was also very unsure about when ordering. I can't decide if they a) look cheap, b)exlusive, c) are boring, d) are boring, but it's ok because they are just fun enough to be the shoes to wear when wearing a busy outfit. What do you think?? Help me out!

The problem with these are that they are a bit to tall for me, leaving me a bit wabbely. I catch myself being scared that the stilleto will break when I walk which is the cause of my wabblyness. On the other hand, I suspect it is a weight issue. When I loose some pounds I don't think I'll feel that way... They are very pretty, dispite not having a hidden front platform which I kind of hate. 

These are the prettiest of the bunch. But buhoo, I can close up the zipper in the back. If I close it up before I put them on the straps press on my toes and my foot don't get all in the shoe. It is weird. I'm very unsure here to what to do, because I can tell that they are my size lengt wise and that the problem is that the straps are to thight which won't be solved with a bigger size. I never seen anything like these shoes and I hate to see them go. However, if they are unwearable...

And the biggest dissapointment of them all. These shoes I just through in with the rest because I really need a pair of simple, black pumps. All my black pumps are either open toe, have a bow or some other embellishment on them. I was happy when I took them out of the box, so much prettier in real life then on the nelly website. And they don't fit! Again, it's not the lenght of the shoe, it's the bit that covers the toes that are to thight!

You see a theme here? It's funny--I was talking to my father the other day about how despite the fact that I put on weight my shoe size had stayed the same. And he said, that was funny. Because he goes up half a size whenever the pounds come on. And then this happens! Jinxed much? I know the bottom pair has to go back, but what about the rest of them? Any advice? I would hate to see the black strappy ones go back.. There's gotta be a trick to putting them on!