Smoking on the stearing wheel

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 Comments
So I'm awake and I hear voices outside the window. Nosy as I am I have to peek outside and see who it is. And there is two men outside. Two drug addicts I might add. How do I know? Well they were in their druggie uniform, carrying plastic bags and even the obligatory coca cola.

Anyway I am nosy to what they are up to. So like an old woman I spy on them, peeking through curtains. I feel like they are up to no good. Like they are trying to light a fire in my courtyard or something. On the other hand they might just be setting up for some sleep. But it's 6 AM, if they were looking for a place to sleep, wouldn't they have shown up hours ago? It's almost thrilling, nothing like this ever happens in my neighbourhood. One is older, and clearly in charge. He is the one lighting things (still don't know what) and doing the talking. The other ones just looks cold.

I go to the bathroom and when I return to my horror I can no longer see them from my spying spot! But all their plastics bags are still lying around and I can hear their muffled voices. I take a risk and pull the curtain away from the window, exposing me as a spy while giving me the view of the whole courtyard. 

And low and behold they are over by the bikes! Fidgeting. I open the window and yell out: 
- "hey! What are you doing"?
The older one answers while the younger one looks really nervous. 
- "We're just smoking on the stearing wheel. Arn't we allowed to smoke on the stearingwheel?" says the older one. The younger one says: "there is no such thing!". Good to know, I was afraid I had lost out on something. But the older one continues: "Oh my God, we are not even allowed to smoke on the stearing wheel - omg! yada yada yada". They both simontanously move away from the bikes while this is being said, pack up their plastic bags and start heading out. 

Some part of me feel bad for them, being out in this cold weather and clearly out of their mind; I mean "smoking on the stearing wheel?". Come on! Yet, another part of me is like: screw them! Criminals! 

Whatever sentiment I'll end up with, this was my crime fighting morning! What have you been up to?