Saturday, November 5, 2011 Comments is having a super sale right now and of course I had to take advantage!! I bought 6 pairs and no I am not ashamed! Just look at these beauties.
Nelly  Shoes - Exclusive DorisNelly  Shoes - KimmiSugarfree Shoes - LinaJeffrey Campbell - Torino ShoeLundberg - NiceNelly  Shoes - BielawaNelly  Shoes - MelleNelly  Shoes - Exclusive JennieNelly  Shoes - Glitter SonjaNelly  Shoes - Exclusive MaggieNelly  Shoes - OminaNelly  Shoes - Exclusive JennieNelly  Shoes - MatadorLundberg - Stockholm Shoes

Which ones do you think I got? I can reveal as much as two of these are not on sale, but I am chancing that they will be at one point and will scoop them up so fast!  And which ones would you get? Also, one of the pair are to die for but I just can't justify it to myself since I just got someone so simillar.. If I only knew that this pair would be on sale...I never would have gotten the other one.. Can I justify it since this shoe has a higher and more distinkt heel? Oh the troubles of a city girl.