Hot or Not: Knee socks

Friday, November 18, 2011 Comments
If you were to follow the celebrities sense of style, you would be stocking up on knee length socks right now. Making their first comeback since clueless, knee socks are all the rave this season.

My three favorite style icons; Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker and Heidi Montag (yup that's right!!) are all wearing them!

And don't think they are the only ones who are onboard with this trend!

I got to tell you, I started writing this post thinking my conclusion would be that knee socks should be left in the past, but no I am unsure! I think these celebrities are pulling it of damn well! Who knew? However, I think you have to be of the skinnier type to pull them of.... Especially the ones that go over the knee. What do you think? Maybe a new idea for my thinspiration board.