To buy, or not to buy?

Sunday, November 6, 2011 Comments
Hm.. Since none of you are answered my question hidden in the previous post, I feel I need to dedicate an entire post to this very important question.

Meet my dream wedges: Exlusive Doris from Nelly.
Aren't they absolutly georgous? Two weeks ago I didn't know they even existed. All I knew I wanted black wedges, and I wanted them as simple as possible. No zippers, no pattern, no nothing. So when I found these on sale I got them.

I like these shoes to! They are classic, easy, will work with any outfit imaginable! But I love the Doris ones! If I were to make a choice between them, I would have gone for the Doris ones. (WOW, I have such a love affair with my shoes because I actually felt a sting of betrayel saying that about my darlings...). Of course now that I know that the Doris shoes exist, my list of demand wouldn't have been so strict.

I think you know what my question is, but before you say anything let me just point out a few things:
- The heels are very different! Not only is the first pair's heels a whole 5 cm higher, but they are also way more distinct.
- The first pair is leather, the second pair is suede. Oops, they are both suede. But the first pair's heels are not, so the remark still somewhat stands.
- The first pair will reach much higher on my ancle giving a different look as well.
- The first will give my outfit more of an edge and the second one can let something else take the senter stage.

Ok, I'm ready now. What do you think? I am justified in splurging on the second pair? Or just I spend my money on something else?

Oh, and one more thing. If I do buy the second pair, does that do that I under no circumstances should buy my very own Litas? I mean, how many chunky, black, outdoors shoes can one woman have?