Kitchen Chairs and Bedroom from Heaven.

Thursday, November 17, 2011 Comments
Thoose of you who know me, know I all about white living. White living meaning that when it comes to my living space, I prefer it all white and silver. And one accent color! Only one. Now that I live in an appartment my color is pink. When I get a house, I plan on doing different accent colors in different room and some rooms will actually have colored walls!! Crazy!

I was watching a rerun of one of Tori Spelling's shows and they showed her newly decorataded house. I understand she doesn't live there anymore... The bedroom was amazing, not to mention the red chairs in an otherwise white kitchen. This is the kitchen of my dreams.  Correction! This is the kitchen chairs of my dreams. I have no visions of black cuburds in my dream home.

Just look at them in the corner!
Peek-a-bo! I love the red, and I love the pattern!
I'm sorry for not finding any better photos. I'm sorry because you don't get to see it, and I'm sorry because for myself because I need it for my future-home-decorating-file! 

Moving to the bedroom! When I get a house, I am just going to do a replica of this bedroom. Have you ever seen a more beautiful bedroom? I haven't.

The drapes, the big closet - sleeping in that room must be like heaven!
Just look at that armoir!
All the colors work so well together!
The drapes again! The headboard! The lamps! It is like bedroom heaven!

I was inclined to ask Tori Spelling to quit her wedding planer buisness and become my interior designer. Then I saw the bathroom...

 Bathroom of actress Tori Spelling, or 8oties mobster?
Better keep your day job T! On the show, you could see the other wall to... and there was mirrors with red frames hanging on it. I get dizzy just thinking about spending time in that room.

Would you hire Tori Spelling as your interior designer?