Friday Favorites

Friday, November 18, 2011 Comments
Ever since my favorite fashionista miss Lauren Conrad herself sported spiked heels a few years back with a flower printed dress, I've had them in the back of my mind. Now, the last few weeks I've seen them pop up every where! Sam Edelman's that is... No I don't know if that's what Lauren wore that one night was Sam Edelman, I would say that Sam Edelman's are fiercer. You can barely see the spikes on Lauren's shoes but trust me, they are there.

These shoes are called Larissa. Aren't they the most beautiful thing you ever seen? Imagine all the outfit combos you could make with these. I think I'll have to wait until some chain store makes a replica of some sort.. There are just to many things on my wishlist right now, and I've decided to go for quantity this time around.... Though choices!

Update: someone just informed me that Nelly my beloved favortie place to shop for shoes have a replica! The "forget your boyfriend shoe"!. You got to love that name! Here it is: pretty similar don't you think?
Nelly Trend - Forget Your Boyfriend