Thinspiration: The Lauren Conrad Edition

Monday, November 28, 2011 Comments
This week, since I pretty much spent all of last week curled up in a ball, I'm bringing out the big guns to inspire me to work out and choose healthy when it comes to food: Lauren Conrad. My ultimate style guru. I'm a such a Lauren fan that it's boardline embarrasing. Anyway, here are Lauren's looks that make me fight harder to become a thinner, better me.

Lauren Conrad in 'The Hills' Season 4 Finale

Especially the blue dress I am still in deep sorrow over not owning.. However I've seen many used ones on eBay... To bad for me all in size skinny. So, that's a small thinspiration in itself: when I get skinny - I will get my hand on that dress! It's from Lauren's own line for thoose who are wondering..