Watch, wacth me, watch me now!

Sunday, November 20, 2011 Comments
My eBay addiction is getting dangeroursly close to an illness! Seriously, is there an eBay rehab?

Over 100 little gems are on the way home to me right now. I imagine them lying there in there little envelope on a Chinese airport waiting to be whisked away to Norway on a massive jet.

Yes, I heard you gasping over the big number. Plese keep in mind that 99 % of those things cost one dollar. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I am the ultimate bargain whore.

The last few items have been watches. I never been a watch person. I don't even like wearing bracelets. They feel weird, make noise when I'm working and is in the way. But, exams are coming up and I am always annoyd of constantly have to ask the exam-guard-people what the time is. So, I'm decided to "invest" in some cheap, fun watches. I'll try to get used to wearing them, and if not I can just carry them around! Here are the watched that are mine now!

Item pictureItem pictureItem pictureItem pictureItem pictureItem pictureItem picture
Item pictureItem pictureItem picture

Hm... Seeing them all together makes me feel a little bit sick. Who needs that many watches? Definitly not someone who dosn't even normally wear them!!!! Ahh I need help! This is sick.